The Responder May 2017

Message from the New TIM Network Liaison During presentations recently, and seeing more and more incidents where our responders have been struck across the country, I ask myself over and over, where is the outcry?  A good friend of mine, Dave … [Read more...]

The Responder April 2017

Message from the New TIM Network Liaison Excellent work on National Work Zone Awareness Week!  As I traveled throughout the Midwest and researched activities that were conducted across the country, I was very impressed.  I saw effective use of … [Read more...]

The Responder March 2017

Message from the New TIM Network Liaison As we have seen recently, winter is reminding us that it is not over yet.  Many areas continue to have true winter weather, while others are experiencing early spring weather.  No matter the conditions, … [Read more...]

The Responder February 2017

Message from the New TIM Network Liaison Every opportunity that I get, I try to remind responders of the dangers of working in roadways, and to introduce them to best practices that can improve their safety, the safety of motorists, and reduce the … [Read more...]

The Responder January 2017

Message from the New TIM Network Liaison We know that Traffic Incident Management (TIM) saves lives.  Maybe the life saved will be your family, friend, member of your department, or your own!  In my travels around the country promoting TIM, this … [Read more...]

2017 TRB Annual Meeting Workshop Announcement

Are you attending the 2017 TRB Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 8th? If  so, stop by Workshop #132 in Convention Center 103 B from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM for the workshop titled "How Can Traffic Incident Management Strengthen Transportation System … [Read more...]

The Responder December 2016

Message from the New TIM Network Liaison I have traveled quite a bit at the end of the summer and through the fall of this year.  I sat down to catch my breath and realized that I am late doing this article, and that it is the December article … [Read more...]

The Responder November 2016

Message from the New TIM Network Liaison Here we are at the holiday season again.  This year has really gone by fast; the older I get the faster time seems to go by.  This article will be a little shorter than usual as I had carpal tunnel surgery … [Read more...]

Traffic Incident Response Week – November 14th-18th

Greetings, everyone. The Inaugural Traffic Incident Response Week is next week, November 14-18.  Next week, please take a moment to discuss traffic incident management within your area and reach out to the public so that they can understand the … [Read more...]

TIM Awareness Week Content Request

Hello, TIM Network Members. I hope you are all having a safe day. National Traffic Incident Awareness Week is November 13-18. The goal of this week will be to raise awareness about the dangers emergency responders face on the roadway and to … [Read more...]

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