The Responder June 2015

Message from the TIM Network Liaison   FHWA Forum: Kimberly C. Vásconez (   View from the Street … [Read more...]

Opposotion in the Wind Jim McGee

Opposition in the Wind against Proposed National Ambient Air Quality Standards Reducing car and truck idling and roadway incident duration are two strategies that can lower tailpipe and fuel system emissions. Jim McGee In a December 17, 2014 … [Read more...]

The Responder – May 2015

Message from the TIM Network Liaison Playing sports as I grew up, I can still hear in my mind those old salty coaches during the 3 a days in the late summer heat yelling: “You play the way you practice! If you want to play sharp you better practice … [Read more...]

The Responder – April 2015 (Supporting TIM Volunteers; TIM/Infrastructure Protection Webinar May 28)

Message from the TIM Network Liaison Recruiting and Retaining TIM Volunteers National Volunteer Week 2015 took place April 12-18. In support of this, we chatted with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) via Twitter about traffic incident … [Read more...]

The Responder – March 2015 (Work Zone Safety/TIM and TIM Network Enhancements)

Message from the TIM Network Liaison Work Zone Safety and TIM With March coming to a close and the completion of yet another successful National Work Zone Awareness Week, this issue of The Responder features several work zone safety/traffic … [Read more...]

The Responder – February 2015 & “Leveraging Local Funding for TIM” Webinar Announcement (March 5)

Message from the TIM Network Liaison Garnering Local Funding and Local Support for TIM In this issue of The Responder, you will find several articles focused on local efforts to garner support and funding for traffic incident management (TIM) … [Read more...]

The Responder – January 2015

Message from the TIM Network Liaison -- Happy New Year! Technology and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) In our world today, technology changes almost by the minute, and the field of TIM is no different. We have realized advances in detection, … [Read more...]

The Responder – December 2014

Message from the TIM Network Liaison 12 Resolutions – Countdown! Each New Year, as we exchange last year’s calendar pages for new ones, we have a propensity for pledging new things. We call them New Year’s resolutions. The origins of the word … [Read more...]

The Responder – November 2014

Message from the TIM Network Liaison Not Such a Winter Wonderland... Whether we are prepared for it or not, we find ourselves already dealing with winter weather. Working in weather conditions that are less than ideal makes the job of responding … [Read more...]

The Responder – October 2014

Message from the TIM Network Liaison To Document or Not to Document…that is the question! Having done a large amount of work in the private and public sector, I am still surprised at some of the approaches organizations take when it comes to … [Read more...]