Expertise List

Across the U.S., a tremendous wealth of TIM expertise exists, including the industry experts listed below. These professionals have kindly agreed to be listed with topics about which they are particularly knowledgeable and are willing to serve as resources for TIM practitioners.

This list is organized into three sections: key FHWA contacts, industry contacts (by discipline), and industry contacts (by specific TIM topics). It is our goal that this list will continue to grow.

If you have a TIM topic in mind (or are an expert in one of the areas listed here) and would be willing to be included on this list, please contact Eric Rensel, TIM Network Liaison, at

FHWA Traffic Incident & Events Management (TI&EM) Team

Joey Sagal (, FHWA Resource Center, can also be contacted about TIM, Traffic Management for Special Events, and Emergency Transportation Operations.

Industry Contacts (By Discipline)

Industry Contacts (By TIM Topic)

Freight/Infrastructure Protection and TIM

Responder Line of Duty Deaths and Struck-by Incidents

Media Relations for Responders and TIM Practitioners

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Facilitation of TIM Programs

Push Bumper Techniques

Formation of Regional TIM Committees

TIM Research Needs

Responder On-scene Trauma Support

Role of Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) in TIM

  • Ben DeVore, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Rural TIM

Safety Service Patrols

Incorporating TIM into State Strategic Highway Safety Plans

TIM Technology

TIM and Responder Safety Training / Firefighter and EMS Roadway Incident Safety Training

Work Zone Safety and TIM