NCHRP 07-20: TIM Performance Measurement

Online Guidance on the Implementation of Traffic Incident Management Performance Measurement

This online guidance was developed for the National Cooperative Research Program (NCHRP) Project 07- 20. NCHRP is a program of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). This online guidance, which was developed directly from the project’s guidance document, provides concise guidance on the consistent use and application of TIM performance measures in support of the overall efforts of TIM program assessment. Regardless of where an agency or TIM program is with respect to TIM performance measurement, this guidance presents pertinent information that can be used to further advance the TIM program.

This guidance provides a working framework to support an agency or traffic incident management (TIM) program in understanding TIM performance measurement and in establishing a TIM performance measurement database. The guidance provides consistent definitions, data sources, example reports and data visualizations; discusses common challenges; and presents key points for success. In addition, the guidance contains an example reference TIM performance measurement database schema, data elements, data dictionary, database scripts, database queries, and detailed example applications of the database. The model TIM performance measurements database is intended to be downloaded, applied to a database software package, and used as a starting point for a TIM performance measurement database or as supplemental/supporting information to an existing database. To aid in the creation of a TIM performance measurement database, all necessary database scripts can be directly downloaded from the website. The associated written guidance document can also be downloaded from the website.

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