Working Groups

One of the most important aspects of the TIM Network is gathering input from practitioners on a variety of key topics. Working with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Network has facilitated several volunteer Working Groups to do just this.

For example, a Working Group was convened to provide input to FHWA for its new TIM Knowledge Management System (KMS), a national repository of TIM good practices and resources. A Group is currently providing input on how to incorporate the importance of helping responders deal with trauma experienced on scene into the national TIM program. Another Group is providing input to FHWA with suggestions about how it could update and improve its Alternate Route Handbook, while a new Group will be convening to discuss ideas on how to celebrate the first Traffic Incident Awareness Week. This Week will take place in November 2015.

In addition, the Transportation Research Board Freeway Operations Committee maintains a research circular to ensure that selected research activities are aligned with the needs of the community. The latest circular includes an emphasis on TIM. The Network facilitated a Working Group to help prepare the latest version of the circular.

When facilitating these Working Groups, we work hard to keep the meetings focused in order to maximize participants’ time, as well as provide clear communication to them. Regardless of which Working Group is convened, they require only short-term commitments.