TIM Conferences

TIM conferences offer a tremendous opportunity to bring practitioners together to share good practices, hear important national updates, learn from each other, and network. Several TIM conferences are held annually in the U.S. In addition, regional and statewide TIM conferences are periodically held.

The following two conferences are held annually in the U.S.:

Metro Atlanta TIME Task Force Conference (Georgia)

Read more about the 2014 conference: http://timnetwork.org/2014/10/2014-time-task-force-conference-highlights/.

Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety (Wisconsin)

In addition, while not TIM-specific conferences, these annual events feature TIM-related topics:

Tennessee Operations and Safety Conference Presentations

Lifesavers Conference (“Other Highway Safety Priorities” Track)

In addition, in the fall of 2014, the first tri-state (Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia) TIM conference was held in Ohio. Read more about this one-day event: http://timnetwork.org/2014/10/success-of-ohpawv-joint-tim-conference/.