Research Needs

The TIM workshop held during the morning of January 11, 2015, at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) featured topics about the integration of TIM and Regional Transportation Systems Management & Operations (RTSMO) in planning and operations; TIM performance management; and TIM in integrated corridors.

The following questions were discussed during the workshop: How is TIM being incorporated into existing/new applications? Is TIM being addressed in emerging topics in transportation? Where are TIM representatives missing from the conversation? What groups are missing from the TIM conversation? Based on emerging needs, synthesis topics and research statements will be developed. The TRB RTSMO Committee is working closely with the TRB Freeway Operations Committee and AASHTO to address critical TIM needs.

Pat Noyes and Eileen Singleton, P.E., Co-chairs of the TRB RTSMO Regional TIM Subcommittee, prepared an article about this workshop, which can be viewed here: The article provides key takeaways shared by panelists and the audience in an easy to skim format. It includes numerous points that are relevant to the future of TIM and potential research needs.