Job Opening on the FHWA Traffic Incident & Events Management Team

Good day,

Would you like to contribute to the molding of a new public safety discipline and be part of a small team that manages the National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) program?  If so, here is your chance!  The Federal Highway Administration’s Traffic Incident & Events Management (TI&EM) team announces the opening of an advertisement to find a qualified candidate who demonstrates a passionate commitment to the safety of responders, motorist and their passengers, and other drivers.  The incumbent will fill  a part-time position on the team (about 20 hours/week) at the USDOT Headquarters office in Washington, DC.

An Example of Duties:

Select duties of this individual will be:

  • Serve as a liaison to the law enforcement community with frequent interaction with the other disciplines engaged in developing TIM programs.

o   The National program aids State/Tribal, regional and local TIM professionals  through the:

  • Conduct of TIM strategic, operational, and tactical guidance, good practice and lessons learned; building capacity through training that will benefit not only TIM operations, but also traffic planning for special events and Roadway Emergency Traffic Operations, including Evacuation planning, and
  • Promotion of good practices through continual outreach to our partners at the National, Regional and local governments, businesses and associations; and
  • Education of the public, Traffic Management Center (TMC)/Traffic Operations Center (TOC) professionals, traffic reporters, and others to understand their laws or ordinances (e.g., Move Over or Move It [Driver Removal]) and how they contribute to roadway safety and reduced congestion;
  • Support the operation of the National Executive Leadership Group (ELG), National TIM Network of Practitioners, and the TIM Subcommittee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (and other groups by leading them in developing annual work plans or conducting meetings;
  • Lead the office in conducting multi-disciplinary leadership summits and workshops; and
  • Encourage TIM professionals—particularly those from the law enforcement community—to ensure that they have attended a classroom or virtual sessions of a foundational TIM Responders course. 

o   FHWA’s goal in Performance Year 16 is to ensure that 20% of State TIM responders receive this knowledge transfer course.

This is a great opportunity for an individual who seeks only part-time work, but desires to leave their mark on the National TIM program.

Links to Announcements:

The web address for the “All Sources*” (in other words, all may apply whether in a Federal position or not) job description and application link may be found here:

  • Announcement Number:  FHWA.HOP-2016-0017


The web address for “Status & VEOA Only**” (in other words, all may apply whether in a Federal position or not application link may be found here:

  • The job description is the same as the one below with the “All Sources” announcement FHWA.HOP-2016-2017.
  • Announcement Number:  FHWA.HOP-2016-0016
  • Federal employees may apply under both the “All Sources” and “Status & VEOA” candidates

*  (in other words, all may apply whether in a Federal position or not)

**  (in other words, one must be in a Federal position to apply for this announcement number  FHWA.HOP-2016-0016)

Note the section on the “Ideal Candidate” if you are considering the position.

If you should have any questions about the application process, please contact FHWA’s Automated Staffing Office at 202-366-1298/ .  Or, if you desire additional information about the position, please feel free to contact me:


Kimberly C. Vásconez, MPIA, Emergency Manager

Team Leader, Traffic Incident & Events Management

Office of Traffic Operations, Office of Operations

Federal Highway Administration, USDOT


703-389-3312 (cell)

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