View from the Street – Jan 2014

Has your General Assembly & Governor shown leadership in statewide traffic incident management? Has your state adopted the National Unified Goal for TIM? In 2013, the Virginia General Assembly adopted SJR 277 and the report on progress of TIM is at this link — SD3 

SD3 A Report on the Statewide Traffic Incident Management Committee (SJR 277, 2013)

• Creation of a Statewide Traffic Incident Management Plan, which establishes a framework for effective traffic incident management through the promotion of the National Unified Goal for traffic incident management.

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Virginia    5 Statewide Traffic Incident Management Plan

• Development of a uniform training initiative for all TIMs stakeholders to provide our first responders common goals with which to work highway incidents. Subsequently, the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRPII) for TIMs Training was adopted, and training began in January 2013.

• TIMs Best Practices
• Responder Safety
• Responder Communications

Virginia    5 Statewide Traffic Incident Management Plan

1 Senate Joint Resolution 277
2 Executive Order 58
3 Statewide TIMs Committee Membership
4 Statewide TIMs Committee Meeting Minutes
5 Statewide Traffic Incident Management Plan
6 SHRPII Training Flyer
7 SHRPII Training Report
8 Local TIMs Committee List

Fire Service-Based EMS…There’s a New Tool Kit For Your Use

A small group of major organizations recently came together to significantly overhaul the Fire Service-Based EMS Electronic Tool Kit that was originally developed in 2010. These partners included representatives from the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association; the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF); the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA); the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC); and the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI).

2013  Killed in the Line of Duty
Police Officers  106
Fire Fighters     101
EMS                       22
Towers                 23

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