View from the Street * Oct 2013 *

In 2013 over 200  Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters , EMTs and Towers have been killed.

On  October 5 – 6, 2013    National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend honored the 81 Fallen Firefighters killed in 2012 

2013  Killed in the Line of Duty
   Police Officers   79
   Fire Fighters     81 
   EMS                      19
   Towers                21

Does your agency  use  Best Practices in  ADVANCE WARNING  when you are on the  highway?
  Has Your State adopted National Unified Goal ?  
 Virginia  General Assembly update on  National Unified Goal & Traffic Incident Management.
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 Using ITS to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program Date:   October 30, 2013
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 Everyone Goes Home-  The Advocacy of the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives
  Goals for the 9th year of the  EGH program has been sent to EGH  Advocates
Eric  Reddeck
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