August 2012 View from the Street

Remember The Big Picture
  $1,000,000+ worth of equipment responds to minor accident – Fire Engine, Police Car, Ambulance, Wrecker , SSP Truck
   Risk Management  Cost of  1  Line of Duty Death $ 1,000,000+
  Response to minor accident on interstate  10 Lives and $10,000,000 at risk                                     
    1 Fire Engine    4 firefighters          
    1 Police cars     1 Police Officers                 
    1  Ambulance    2 EMT’s                  
    1  SSP              1 SSP-DOT                      
    2 Wreckers       2 operaters                
HIGH FREQUENCY LOW SEVERITY 1- Paperwork2- Refueling Vehicle3- Computer training4- Video training

5- Giving directions

HIGH FREQUENCY HIGH SEVERITY1- Emergency Response2- Police Traffic  Stop3- Fires4- Rescue

5- Tow Truck cables

LOW FREQUENCYLOW SEVERITY 1- meetings 2- Arrow board repair3- Hose testing4- Gun range

5- PM on vehicles

LOW FREQUENCY HIGH SEVERITY 1- Haz-Mat incident2- Hurricane incidents3- Thunder Storms4-  Ice Storms5-  Snow Storms
       The Responder Safety Learning Network

  • “Advance Warning at Roadway Incidents”
  • “Blocking Procedures at Roadway Incidents”
  • “The National Unified Goal” 

      NFFF Everyone Goes Home Media 

      EMS Safety Foundation

      FHWA  Emergency Transportation Operations

           2012  Killed in the Line of Duty
62   Police Officers
48   Fire Fighters
9    EMS               
16  Towers        



HRFSOC is a Voluntary information service. Goal is reducing deaths and injuries Act in America’s best interest


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