View from the Street July 2012

 First Responders need to attend meetings with Traffic Engineers . Traffic Engineers can greatly increase emergency response times and safety  while responding.  Does your State/ City/County emergency vehicle preemption  system work ?  Are there funds that keep the system repaired ? 

 Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems

Independent studies* show that Emergency Vehicle Preemption  can:

 • Reduce intersection crash rates by up to 70%

• Improve response times by up to 25%

• Minimize investment for stations and vehicles

• Decrease liability for crashes with other motorists

• Increase adherence to NFPA Standard 1710

*  New Module – Blocking Procedures from Responder Safety

  Using 3D animation and other multimedia, this module discusses the concept of blocking, safe parking and/or safe positioning at traffic incidents Join us at the Online Learning Network for the new module about “Blocking Procedures at Roadway Incidents”.
 * New Training Video NFFF Everyone Goes Home  Leadership, Accountability, Culture, Knowledge 
   In this segement you will look at what role leadership plays in reducing firefighter line-of-duty deaths.
           2012  Killed in the Line of Duty
  48  Police Officers
  40 Fire Fighters 
   9  EMS       
   9 Towers    
   Eric  Reddeck
   NFFF * Everyone Goes Home *- Advocate
   NTIMC * TIM Network * Contributor “View from the Street” 
 Chair- HRFSOC / HRHIM       
    Meetings *Sept 12,* Dec 12     @  10:00  – 12:00 pm 
    1214 Volvo Parkway Greenbrier Library Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
HRFSOC is a Voluntary information service. Goal is reducing deaths and injuries. Read what you wish, Act in America’s best interest

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