View From The Street – May 2012 – Eric Reddeck

  Saving First Responders and the Publics lives — Will require many groups  working together.
 Increase use of  E-Mail, Facebook, Web training programs and Web meetings are the future.
 Example : The Responder Safety Learning Network
   Virginia has  5,662,416 licensed drivers that need to be educated  on
 “ Move Over /Slow Down  Law  to help improve Responder  Safety. 
   Suffolk  City Traffic Engineer installed  8 signs  on  58  a  high speed city highway .
   Everyone Goes Home  requires many  Champions to reach  Virginia  agencies.
  784 Fire departments * 683 licensed EMS agencies * 237 Police departments * 123 sheriff’s offices * 21 PDC * Medical Examiners * Towing Recovery * VDOT – Public Works *Traffic Engineers * Press * DMV *Lawmakers
Commonwealth of Virginia    8,096,604 population –  5,662,416 licensed drivers
       Virginia extends  East -West ,  470 mi  & North -South  200 mi
       VDOT road system  57,867-mile with ** 1,118  Interstate miles ** 
       Separate system Cities 10,561 miles* 39 miles of toll roads
      There are 21  Planning District Commissions  in Virginia. They are made up of elected officials and citizens appointed to the Commission by member local governments. The Commission selects an Executive Director responsible for managing daily operations.  Highway Safety and improvement funds flow through these committees. It is very important to attend these meetings and their sub-committee meetings.
 National Peace Officers Memorial Week May 13-19, 2012
   84th Annual  Leadership Conference  June 13 – 16, 2012  Hampton, Virginia
 National Traffic Incident Management Coalition (NTIMC)
    Responder Safety
            2012  Killed in the Line of Duty                                           
   Police Officers  36                                     
   Fire Fighters     33                                               
    EMS                5                                       
   Towers              9                           

   SSP/DOT         ?                                                      
   Eric  Reddeck
   Everyone Goes Home – Advocate / Chair HRFSOC/HRHIM 
      HRHIM/HRFSOC — Everyone Goes Home meeting
           *Sept 12,* Dec 12     @  10:00  – 12:00 pm 
    1214 Volvo Parkway Greenbrier Library Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
HRFSOC is a Voluntary information service. Goal is reducing deaths and injuries. Read what you wish, Act in America’s best interest

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