The TIM Network and I-95 Corridor Coalition have teamed up to create a new way to learn about traffic incident management – the “Talking about TIM” podcast. Podcasts provide a great way to hear about some of the important topics being discussed in the industry. “Talking about TIM” is co-hosted by Eric Rensel, TIM Network Liaison; Ira Promisel, I-95 Corridor Coalition; and Danny Levitt, California Tow Truck Association/American Tow.

These podcasts are available from the iTunes store and on this page. The podcasts will be brief (typically between 15-30 minutes) and provide valuable takeaways for listeners.

Episode (March 27, 2015): Keeping Work Zones Moving with TIM
The first episode of “Talking about TIM” features work zone safety and TIM in support of National Work Zone Awareness Week 2015. Eric, Ira and Danny chatted with John Wilson, Iowa Department of Transportation, about its impressive Traffic Critical Projects Program. Listen to this episode: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/timnetwork/2015/03/27/keeping-work-zones-moving-with-traffic-incident-management.

Work zones pose challenges for drivers. When drivers come to a work zone, they need to understand the messages that they are receiving from signs, roadway devices, and other visual cues that create the need for them to change their driving behavior. In today’s distracted environment, physical changes to the roadway, such as reduced lane width, abrupt lane shifts, and short interstate ramps, can complicate driving.

Work zones pose challenges for emergency responders. Often work zones create confined spaces for emergency responders to do their own work in. In some cases, crews have to respond in the opposite direction of travel, they have to gain access to work areas, and they have to be sure to pre-stage equipment. Coordinating with construction crews is a secret to success, and the Iowa Department of Transportation has tapped into this secret.