View from the Street * March 2016

By Eric Reddeck, NFFF Everyone Goes Home Advocate

There is an accident on the interstate SSP, Police, EMS, Fire, Towing Recovery all respond. Traffic is controlled, Fire has checked for hazards, EMS is providing patient care. EMS advises that one victim is a  fatality. Living patients are being transported to the hospital. Accident Reconstruction and Medical Examiner are on the way to the scene.  Traffic is backing up and being diverted and your regional highway system has  become a parking lot…….. Has your state and regional traffic incident management committees worked out the best practice for your region with a police for fatalities?


 2016 Killed in the Line of Duty   *all causes*

Police Officers   26
Firefighters       14
EMS                   03
Towers               03

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Eric Reddeck
NFFF Everyone Goes Home Advocate

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