View from the Street * Jan 2016

By Eric Reddeck, NFFF Everyone Goes Home Advocate

 In 2015, Killed in the Line of Duty by all causes was  Police Officers 129 , Firefighters 87,  EMS 5 ?, and  Towers 21 ? did not go home to their families.

 Questions for your agency year-end review : 

How many times did your agency leader have safety on the staff meeting agenda?
Does your agency meet OSHA and industrial standards?
How many injuries, job-related illness and deaths did your agency  have in 2015?
How many employees had to leave the job due to injuries or illness?
How many employees retired due to injury or illness that were job-related?
How much did injuries, illnesses and deaths cost your agency?
How much did your agency spend on safety, health and accident prevention?

2016 Killed in the Line of Duty by ALL CAUSES:

Police Officers    03
Firefighters        05
EMS       ?           00
Towers  ?            01 

Responder Safety    Struck-BY-Incidents

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FHWA Traffic Incident Management
Responder Safety Learning Network
NFFF Fire Learning Network
IACP * Police Officer Safety
Towing and Recovery Association of America
Safe Highways
TIM NETWORK  Facebook    National Traffic Incident Management Coalition
IAFF Health, Safety, Medicine
NFPA 1500 Health and Safety
FHWA Safe Quick Clearance
NFFF – FIRE/EMS  Vulnerability Assessment Tool


Eric Reddeck
NFFF Everyone Goes Home Advocate


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