View from the Street ** May 2013

 ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ 1175 in Old English Homilies .. In 2013  national groups have developed  BEST Practices that can greatly improve  First Responder  and the driving  public’s safety, but  will they be adopted and used.


  Advance Warning     Multi Agency Training          Pre-Emption             PIO &  PRESS

National Unified Goal

FHWA Emergency Transportation Operations

 Responder Safety  

 NFFF  Everyone Goes Home

 TIM Network

                             2013  Killed in the Line of Duty
   Police Officers  39
   Fire Fighters     31   NFA 
   EMS                     10
   Towers              08

   Eric  Reddeck
   National Fallen Firefighters Foundation * Everyone Goes Home *- Advocate 

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