View from the Street – April 2013

 Traffic Engineers can greatly improve the safety of  First Responders and the driving public by installing  Emergency Vehicle Preemption systems of  traffic signals.   An example of the very high cost of  intersection accidents happened  On July 26, 2010  when  TWO  Rocky Mount , Virginia Firefighters were killed.  NIOSH   Recommendation #6: Municipalities and authorities having jurisdiction should consider the use of intersection control devices on emergency vehicles and selected traffic lights.


Emergency Vehicle Preemption of Traffic Signals  

     • Reduce intersection crash rates by up to 70%
     • Improve response times by up to 25%
     • Minimize investment for stations and vehicles
     • Decrease liability for crashes with other motorists
     • Increase adherence to NFPA Standard 1710


                               2013  Killed in the Line of Duty
   Police Officers  24
   Fire Fighters    13   NFA 
   EMS                     10
   Towers              06

   Eric  Reddeck
   National Fallen Firefighters Foundation * Everyone Goes Home *- Advocate 

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