View from the Street October 2012

 When I was growing-up my  father would use the  English proverb  ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’  1175 AD…   A more modern version could be   “YOU can show the BEST  PRACTICES  at meetings to save lives and money,  but you can’t make them adopted and followed” .

FHWA ETO  Preparedness

 Preparedness or Plans pertains to the activities, programs, and systems developed prior to a planned special event, disaster or emergency, which are used to support and enhance prevention, response and recovery. An agency can determine how they need to be prepared by asking the question of what must be done to ensure that the agency is prepared to respond to any natural disaster or emergency that may affect operations.


 The 31st National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service will honor 80 firefighters who died in 2011 and five firefighters who died in previous years during the official national service on Sunday, October 7, at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg,  Maryland

               2012  Killed in the Line of Duty
 89   Police Officers
 60   Fire Fighters 
 11    EMS             
 25   Towers       

   Eric  Reddeck
  National Fallen Firefighter Foundation * Everyone Goes Home *- Advocate
  HRFSOC is a Voluntary information service. Goal is reducing deaths and injuries,  Act in America’s best interest

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