EMS Safety Foundation Update – September 2012

MS Safety Foundation September 2012 TIMS Bulletin
NFPA 1917 and Standards Update Webinar, safety info and links

Welcome to this September TIMS Bulletin from the EMS Safety Foundation.
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Sure has been an interesting few weeks on the EMS Safety National front, with NFPA 1917 being issued and the NASEMSO Model Rules for Ambulance Vehicle Design (MRAVD) initiative and the announcement of the NIH Office of Emergency Care Research.

NFPA 1917 was issued August 9th, and effective August 29th and applicable to vehicles contracted for from January 1st, 2013 – though KKK is said to be in effect until October 2013.

TIMS Bulletin Highlight – The EMS Safety Foundation’s special August webinar on the NFPA 1917 and Standards has attracted huge interest. It included an overview of key elements of the NFPA 1917 ambulance standard initiative and developments from the June 2012 NFPA 1917 meeting, aswell as the other unfolding initiatives including NASEMSO’s MRAVD.

Info covered in the EMS Safety Foundation August 14th NFPA1917 and Standards Webinar:
– Ambulance design history
– TRB ANB10(5) Technical EMS Safety
– NIST Meeting
– NFPA 1917 Update
– NFPA perspectives
– Forthcoming EMS Safety Workshops

Special Webinar Handout Link- EMS Safety Foundation August 2012 Standards Webinar Handout.
(http://www.objectivesafety.net/2012EMSSF-August14NFPAHO.pdf )
Outline of September 2012 TIMS Bulletin topics:
1. EMS Safety Foundation August 2012 Ambulance Standards Update
2. John Erich’s outstanding EMS Safety article in EMS World
3. EMS Safety Foundation June 28th 2012 Webinar – Recording, youtube and handout links.
4. NASEMSO Ambulance Model Rules Initiative
5. NIH Office of Emergency Care Research
6. FEMA 2012 Resilience Conference and Think Tank
7. Rolfsen Oslo EMS Response Presentation
8. TRB 2012 EMS Safety Systems, Strategies and Solutions Summit, February 29th
9. New EMS.gov web site
10. New info for ANSI- Z.15 Fleet Standard
11. Live @Rettmobil 2012 Webinar and First Few Moments Podcast
12. Forthcoming EMS Safety Conferences and Workshops

Click here for detailed information on these topics (http://www.emssafetyfoundation.org/TIMS_EMSSF_Sept2012_BulletinAppendix.pdf )

Here is also a link to the August 2012 EMS Objective Safety Web Bulletin, which is public access –
August Objective Safety Web Bulletinhttp://www.objectivesafety.net/bulletin2012August.htm .

Here is a link to the previous July 2012 EMS Objective Safety Web Bulletin, which is public access – July Objective Safety Web Bulletinhttp://www.objectivesafety.net/bulletin2012July.htm

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See you in September in Penang at EMS Asia 2012 www.emsasia.org , NASEMSO in September http://www.nasemso.org/Meetings/annual/AnnualMeeting2012.asp , and at EMS Expo in October-November in New Orleans www.emsworldexpo.com , or at the New Jersey EMS Conference start of November in Atlantic City www.njemsconference.com !

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