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  What is the Business Cost  $$$ of Accidents on  Interstate and primary highways in your city/county /region/state? 
How long does it take your city/region/state  to locate and  respond to an accident , provide care, investigate, and restore traffic flow?  What is your city/regional/state  TIM highway report card  on  Vehicle & Tractor Trailer accidents and Hazmat incidents ?  What is the business/jobs cost to  your region/state when a major highway is closed for 30, 60, 120  minutes.
    I-64  Chesapeake, Virginia
 FHWA  Traffic Incident Management Cost Management and Cost Recovery Primer 

  A number of states have formed successful partnerships with the private towing industry,  thereby greatly expediting clearance of disabled vehicles from incident locations.
  *  Responder safety  
 •  Safe, quick clearance;
 * Prompt, reliable, interoperable communications
  *   Virginia Traffic Incident Management – Incident Duration – last 13 months  
   This is a measure of how long it takes to clear unplanned events, which affect traffic, from Virginia highways. 
   Only vehicle, tractor-trailer, or HAZMAT events are included (not congestion or traffic slowdowns).
   Time is measured from when an event is verified and logged in, until responders have cleared.
     Incidents of less than 10 minutes are not included
     Virginia Statewide     Vehicle     60    Minutes   Tractor Trailer  123   Minutes    Hazmat   309   Minutes 
           VDOT Region Incident Duration  in Minutes – last 13 months   
  • Bristol                     Vehicle    69     Tractor Trailer  174     Hazmat  282                                                                                                
  • Culpeper                 Vehicle    69     Tractor Trailer  144     Hazmat  —                                                                                                
  • Fredericksburg       Vehicle    62     Tractor Trailer   92      Hazmat  —                                                                                                
  • Hampton Roads      Vehicle    56      Tractor Trailer  157    Hazmat  370                                                                                                 
  • Lynchburg              Vehicle    64      Tractor Trailer  155    Hazmat  —-                                                                                                
  • Northern Virginia    Vehicle   52      Tractor Trailer  64     Hazmat    —                                                                                              
  • Richmond               Vehicle   69      Tractor Trailer  127    Hazmat   261                                                                                                
  • Salem                     Vehicle   68      Tractor Trailer  158    Hazmat   —                                                                                               
  • Staunton                 Vehicle   67      Tractor Trailer  135    Hazmat   —                                                                                              

                         Regional Map                    

               2012  Killed in the Line of Duty
   73   Police Officers
   54   Fire Fighters 
    10   EMS         
    23  Towers      
    Eric  Reddeck
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