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I-95 Coalition Successfully Launches 3-D Virtual Incident Management Training for First Responders…

Maryland and New York were the first Coalition Member States to host 3-D Virtual Incident Management Training Sessions for First Responders in August, 2011. Participants praised the system’s ability to enable coordinated interjursdictional and interdisciplinary practice of best incident management techniques in a virtual world.

Piloted earlier with the Regional Incident Management Task Force at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Authority in Philadelphia, as well as with the Coalition’s Coordinated Incident Management Track Co-Chairs and Corridor-wide Regional Highway Operations Group (“HOGs”) Co-Chairs, along with representatives from Transportation Agencies, State and Local Police, Fire Departments, EMS, and Towing Companies, the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s 3-D Virtual Incident Management Training System forms the basis for an intensive training program that uses three-dimensional, multi-player computer gaming simulation technology to test, validate, and reinforce the dissemination of best incident management practices across the Coalition region. This onsite training program provides practical, scenario-based, interactive, real-time incident management training simultaneously for multidisciplinary responders, and is designed to educate and validate quick clearance practices and related incident management techniques, as well as promote communication, coordination and cooperation among organizations involved in incident management. More consistent performance, more innovation, and better and safer delivery of incident management services result from involving responders from many different agencies, exposing them to best practices, establishing expectations that they will meet or exceed standards for good practice, and allowing them to discuss methods and issues with their peers.

For more information, or to schedule a session, contact I-95 Corridor Coalition Operations Coordinator Capt. Tom Martin at


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