EMS Safety Foundation Forthcoming Peds and Neonates Special Transport Safety Webinar

The next EMS Safety Foundation Webinar is a special Peds EMS and Medical Transport Safety dedicated Webinar session on September 28th, 10am, covering the spectrum from peds EMS transport issues to neonates and interfacility transport.
Topics to include: Fleet/vehicle spectrum, Vehicle design issues – occupant protection and human factors, Occupant restraint systems, Operational Policies, Team configuration and Hours of service.
Here is the secure link for the EMS Safety Foundation Forthcoming Peds and Neonates Special Transport Safety September 28 Webinar

Info from the Webinar last Tuesday, Sept 13th:

Here are the Recording, Handout .pdf. and links from last Tuesday’s September 13th’s EMS Safety Foundation Webinar ‘New Fleet, EMS Expo, AED/CPR Update, NEMSAC, Ambulance Standards, SAE, NFPA, NIST and TRB Safety Strategies and Solutions Summit’. Much ground was covered and folks from all corners of globe, across USA, to Estonia and Australia.
Click here for your secure link for the Recording of the Tuesday September 13th EMS Safety Foundation Webinar
Click here for your secure link for the Handout of the Tuesday September 13th EMS Safety Foundation Webinar

1. New Crestline Ambulance at EMS Expo

At EMS Expo 2011, a prototype of the now third new and innovative ambulance fleet rolling out from yet another of the members of the EMS Safety Foundation’s Innovation Consortium, was on display. This clever innovation was a highlight at Expo.
Chris Dick’s new ambulance prototype for their service Western Eagle County Ambulance in Colorado, sure attracted much interest and attention on display at EMS Expo in Las Vegas, at Crestline’s booth.
Crestline, one of North Americas leading ambulance manufacturers, and the EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Award Winner for 2010, have excelled in building both of the current innovative ambulance fleets that have rolled out in the past 12 months from the EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Consortium members in North America. The other North American fleet is from Careflite, Dallas, Texas. Ronald Rolfsen’s fleet in Oslo Norway, that was profiled in the hands on workshop/webinar broadcast from Rettmobil in May, makes up the third.

2. NAEMT Safety Course

The NAEMT Safety Course, was well attended at expo, an outstanding contribution to enhancing the safety of the operational practice of EMS. For more information about the NAEMT Safety Course, including how to find a class in your area or to sponsor a class, call 1-800-346-2368 (1-800-34NAEMT), or www.NAEMT.org or email info@naemt.org

3. AED/CPR September Update

There has been a flurry of activity in the emergency medicine literature this past few weeks regarding prehospital cardiac arrest management techniques and equipment.
Early versus Later Rhythm Analysis in Patients with Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
A Trial of an Impedance Threshold Device in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Cardiac Arrest and the limitation of clinical trials
Public Access Defibrillation: Time to Access the Public
Getting Lay Rescuers to Use Public Access Defibrillators
Analysis of Automated External Defibrillator Device Failures Reported to the Food and Drug Administration

4. National EMS Advisory Council (NEMSAC)

The September NEMSAC meeting provided updates in a number of realms, including the CDC/DHS/NIST projects, e911 Rural EMS response and incident management, and 911 Women and ischemic heart disease
Also a September 11 anniversary recognition statement was produced

5. Ambulance standards

A review of the NFPA 1917 ambulance standards process being a blending of KKK, AMD and the NFPA 1901 Firetruck standard.
SAE equipment securing standards released May 2010 (Frontal 2917) and June 2011 (Side 2956). No ambulance vehicle crashworthiness standard yet developed.

6. CDC/NIST ambulance and anthropometry projects

EMS Personnel Injury and Fatality Surveillance
Fatal and Nonfatal Injuries Among Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Prehospital Emergency Care. October-December 2011, Vol. 15 (4): 511-517.
Yet again show, mortality related to transportation crashes, and morbidity with lifting and moving patients.
Draft website on EMS safety and health with 2008 EMS nonfatal injury and illness data. Publicly accessible by November 2011.
CDC/NIST – ergonomic and anthropometric projects now underway

7. First Few Moments Podcasts

Latest Podcast – Lifting and Moving from Chris Fitzgerald, our EMS Safety Foundation’s Director of Human Factors and Ergonomics shares some key points on lifting and moving patients and equipment with Kyle Bates in ‘First Few Moments’-
Rettmobil 2011- Nadine Levick Onsite Podcast –
Rettmobil 2011 – podcast with Chris Fitzgerald and the DorsaVi team –
These are public access podcasts, please do share this link.

8. The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 17-51

Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) final draft EMS White Paper
June NCHRP 17-51 EMS Handout
July 29th NCHRP 17-51 EMS Handout
More info at http://www.strategicsafetyplan.com

9. Traffic Incident Management Network (TIM)


10. Public Health Emergency Response Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Public Health Directors – Version 2.0


11. EMS Culture of Safety

Just Culture

12. Special Pediatric Transport Safety Update 2011 Webinar

The Peds EMS and Medical Transport Safety dedicated Webinar session on Peds transport is September 28th, 10am, covering the spectrum from neonates and interfacility transport to peds EMS transport issues.
Here is the secure link for the September 28 Webinar

13. iRescU Project

As discussed in the Webinar, The EMS Safety Foundation is involved in a leadership role in a project enhancing community pre-EMS arrival CPR/AED use – iRescU. This is a smartphone based App and crowd sourced tool underdevelopment.
Currently pilot test sites are being set up. If you would like to be a pilot test site for iRescU, go to http://www.irescu.info/amember/signup.php, or point your smartphone at

14. EMS Motorcycle Conference

The 2nd International EMS Motorcycle Conference is being held in Slovenia 16-18 September

15. Forthcoming TRB EMS Safety Strategies and Solutions Summit

The National Academies Transportation Research Boards ANB10(5) EMS Safety Subcommittee is holding its third EMS Safety Summit. This EMS Safety Systems, Strategies and Solutions Summit will be a comprehensive one day interdisciplinary, interactive onsite and broadcast event held in Washington DC at the Keck Center.
As for the other TRB EMS Summits, participation will be both onsite and via virtual live Webinar. Preliminary info is available here http://www.objectivesafety.net/TRBSummit2012.htm.
Due to major interest that has been overwhelming for expected resources, the TRB EMS Safety, Systems, Strategies and Solutions Summit is now to be scheduled to coincide with EMS Today in February 29, 2012. This one day Summit will comprehensively cover that spectrum of cutting edge approaches to optimizing the systems safety of EMS and Medical Transport operations.
Stay tuned for further updates.

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